The Initial Meeting

We will discuss your ideas for the room. Talking about themes, what
you like and don't like. We'll look at the room together to best decide
how to integrate the paintings into it. Leading the eye and fitting in with
the objects (beds, dressers, etc.)
that are in the room. We will discuss whether I will repaint the room or
work with the existing room color.

The Plan

I will develop sketches based on
the decisions we made in the initial meeting. These sketches will give
an idea of how the painting will interact with the room. The sketches are for you to get rough idea of how the room will look and are my map for creating the final art. I will also show your color swatches of the dominant colors to be used in the artwork. If you like the plan I will begin painting.

The Painting

Using the sketches as a map I will begin painting the room. Because small sketches never have the same impact as a full wall painting I use intuition and experience to make the painting best fit the room. Altering where I need to and adding a surprise or two I will still keep with the initial plan and create a one of a kind room designed especially for you.

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